VAT Rebate Advances

We are the ONLY providers of a unique VAT rebate cash advance service for the Self-Employed.

Introduced by HMRC in 2002, the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) was designed to help small businesses reclaim VAT without going through the standard VAT reclaim process.

Self-Employed operatives can charge 20% VAT as normal and simply pay HMRC a percentage of turnover rather than working out the VAT on all purchases. The VAT Flat Rate Scheme generates additional profitability for Self-Employed operatives who fall below the mandatory VAT registration threshold, allowing them to reclaim VAT based on their turnover and profession. 

IN-SYNC Credit Services via our partner IN-SYNC Tax, will provide a fully managed service with no upfront fees. We consistently secure VAT rebates for Self-Employed operatives of over £2,500 and in many cases VAT is recovered from the last 4 years, delivering VAT rebates of over £10,000.

IN-SYNC will pay the rebate in advance and recover the money from HMRC once the VAT rebate is released. So, if you are a Self-Employed Sole Trader engaged by IN-SYNC TAX, you will automatically be entitled to one of our cash advances, in many cases backdated up to four years.

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Maximised profitability

Maximised profitability

Increase your annual take home pay by claiming VAT based on your turnover and profession.

Backdated rebates

Backdated rebates

Backdate your VAT reclaim upto 4 years and generate a potential reclaim of over £10,000.

Advance payments

Advance payments

Receive your VAT rebate within 24 hours with an IN-SYNC Credit Cash Advance.

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