CIS Backed Advances

Next year's rebate, today.

Why wait for your tax rebate?


If you're registered on the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), we can help you get next year's tax refund early with an advance. 

Want your CIS tax refund early?

Use our calculator to work out what you could have from your CIS tax refund.

How much do you earn before tax (Gross Income)
What are your expenses each year?
CIS deductions rate

Your estimated rebate at the end of the year will be: £0

We could give you up to: £0 today

Our charges will be: £0

I want my advance!


Your tax return, sorted.

With the support of our Group company, IN-SYNC Tax, we've got your tax covered. From filing your tax return to advancing your refund early, we've created the perfect partnership to get you access to the money you're entitled to.

Tax planning & advice

Tax planning & advice

Year round support and advice when it comes to your taxes.

Self Assessment submissions

Self Assessment submissions

We’ll submit your Self Assessment on your behalf.

Clever tech

From our mileage tracker app to self-employed bank accounts, we make managing money easy.

Expert advice, when you want it

It’s our job to make managing your taxes simple. If you ever get stuck, just call our Tax experts direct and they’ll help you out..

We’ll do the hard work for you

Why spend all night trying to get your accounts sorted when we can take care of it for you? It’s time to get your life back and focus on what matters.

Clever tools to make your life easier

From banking partnerships to clever little apps, we make it our business to make running yours as easy as possible.

Claim back every penny you deserve

We’re here to help you make self-employment as simple as possible, guiding you through everything you can and can’t include in your Self Assessment.

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