What does the future hold?

The world is changing. From new Government legislation to developments in technology, the way self-employed manage their finances is constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.

Here are a few of the main priorities for IN-SYNC Credit Services in the not-too-distant future

Owner-driver Programme

The logistics industry is already facing significant pressure on several fronts when it comes to retaining the best drivers. There is already a significant driver shortage that makes it difficult to attract suitable workers in the first place. This may well be made more difficult following Brexit.

Replacing and appointing delivery drivers has always been a serious, costly headache for fleet managers. We believe that an owner-driver programme should be available to all new and existing drivers.

Investing in a business relationship with IN-SYNC Credit Services will help fleet managers to boost driver retention rates , by helping drivers to gain access to better vehicles.

Brexit impact on households and sole traders

When the UK leaves the EU, the Bank of England has warned that house prices could fall and mortgage/loan rates could rise. Many creditors may reduce, or in some cases retract, the credit they provide for sole traders operating in construction.

The risk involved in providing unsecured credit may be considered too high, creating an opportunity for businesses who can underwrite in a different way.

IN-SYNC Credit Services has a range of personal and guarantor loan products to help self-employed people protect their future finances from the potential impact of Brexit.

Long payment terms and low rates mean that those people can obtain credit to help with their cash flow both now and in the future.

VAT Domestic Reverse Charge for the Construction Industry

A new anti-fraud measure will come into force from October ‘19. This is known as the VAT domestic reverse charge. The process aims to remove the VAT from construction subcontract supply chains, which will have a significant cash flow impact on certain types of businesses. From October, operating the simplified VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) will no longer be viable for FRS-registered sub-contractors.

IN-SYNC Credit Services will support IN-SYNC Tax in helping anybody affected by these changes, supporting the move to standard VAT accounting.