About IN-SYNC Credit Services

Probably the only company in Europe that can finance your van AND put money in your pocket!


Who we are

IN-SYNC Credit Services Ltd is part of the IN-SYNC Group which comprises IN-SYNC Outsourcing Ltd and IN-SYNC Tax LLP. IN-SYNC are authorised and regulated by the FCA and provide a range of financial support services to the Employed and Self-Employed contractor market.

What we do

The financial services we offer range from secured and unsecured loans, to same day payment services for the Self-Employed contractor, secured against any known future Tax and VAT rebate the customer may be entitled to.

By working with IN-SYNC Credit Services, our customers can add some flexibility to their finances.

We help self-employed drivers to access to better vehicles and fleet managers to improve their driver retention rates.

Our vision is to help our customers’ financial position and profitability if they are self-employed.

We provide services to:

  • Self-employed individuals and sub-contractors on the Flat Rate Scheme advances on their VAT refunds
  • Self-employed individuals or sub-contractors registered on the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) with advances on their tax refunds
  • Personal loans regulated under the Consumer Credit Act
  • Vehicle finance credit agreements regulated under the consumer credit act


Our approach

We are an ethical and responsible provider of funding and treating customers fairly is at the forefront of our business and is embedded into our culture.

Our FCA authorised and regulated status is very important to us as well as our Group of companies and our customers. The FCA aims to regulate companies to ensure high standards of conduct are met across the industry and that the financial services trade remains stable.

We have a professional friendly UK based customer service team who discuss our advances and loan options and will only recommend a product that is best suited to the individuals’ personal needs and circumstances.

We understand that it’s not always easy for an applicant to work out how much an advance or loan will cost which is why we developed our product loan calculators on our website. Our calculators clearly show the cost of an advance or loan repayment, along with payment terms and APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

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